Mill River Winery -- Rowley, MA


Rick & Donna’s story is about friendship, chemistry and hard work.

Pair Donna, a Ph.D. chemist, with Rick, an accomplished amateur wine maker, add Dodge’s Cider Mill, a year’s worth of renovations and a dedicated team of

employees here we are – Mill River Winery.

Located on 3.3 acres of the picturesque North Shore of Massachusetts, our winery reflects the history and charm of this area that we call home. We opened in July 2011, with a mission of producing handcrafted wines using the finest grapes from Massachusetts and other notable wine regions.  Our 2010 Naked Chardonnay was awarded a silver medal by the American Wine Society  and was a sign of great things to come.

We love wine making and its perfect combination of science, precision, passion and fun.  We can think of no greater fortune than knowing that when you raise your glass with family and friends, our wines will be part of your enjoyment.

Westport Rivers Vineyard & Winery -- Westport, MA


We are passionate about our farm; and we are passionate about

the soil and sunlight that join together in our ripening grapes.

Our great unexplored territory, Massachusetts’ grown wine,  is a

blank canvas begging for exploration and creativity. Just how does Massachusetts grown chardonnay taste? What aromatics evolve in the tank and barrel? What style? What food to pair?

Our exploration is 25 years along and we’ve learned that Massachusetts’ grown wines are not only exceptionally flavorful but also crisp, clean and a pleasure with our local foods. 

All of our wines are minimally processed. We use ancient, traditional methods including those of Champagne and Burgundy.  Where large producers over manipulate wine to create artificiality in every way, we allow time and patience to do the work naturally for us.

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