Cornerstone Estate Winery –


Our family owned brand caters to wine enthusiasts of the modern era.

Established in 2002, we strive to create the most exquisite quality of wine

from our own orchards. Each bottle of wine is made with handpicked and

methodically sorted grapes. We aim to carry on the legacy of wine culture

in our country with a modern blend. Try our wine today and you will understand

what all the fuss is about. 

From the very start, this fabulous wine is sure to delight and arouse the senses. The intense aroma of rich, ripe strawberries provides just a glimpse of the exceptionally rich flavours yet to come. 


Vidal Icewine......................................... 29701

This Vidal Icewine was hand-harvested at -8C with a Brix of 37.6 and fermented to 199g/L residual sugar. The fruit driven sweetness is supported perfectly with the well balanced acidity and lavish, lingering heat. The bright, alluring, golden colour hints at the elegance of this absolutely stellar Icewine. It is crisp, offering the taste of ripe fruit initially, then developing into sensational layers of fresh apricot, raisins, and pear. Best enjoyed slowly sipped after a meal.

Forte ......................................... Coming Soon

Our famous Port-style wine is deep purple in colour. It captures intense aromas of plum, dark cherry, and black currant, with hints of cigar box. The palate is of dark chocolate, followed with caramelized honey, surrounded with dark berry fruit and a hint of tobacco leaf. Pair with dark chocolate, apple pie, or blue cheese.

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